The Best Anti-Ageing Advice You’ll Ever Receive, According to Experts

Jade Healy at The Beauty Scene

“If you could only share one piece of anti-ageing advice, what would it be?” So excited to be published in Byrdie for skin expert advice.  Click here to read the full story.

Skincare expert and French technique aficionado Elisa Markovic is known for creating compliment-worthy skin for her clients, and touts broad spectrum sun protection as her number one product. “Ideally, you want a multi-functional sunscreen with antioxidants to mop up free radicals before they cause permanent damage to the skin, as well as DNA Enzyme Complex to help support the skin’s natural repair system and protect against future damage,” says Markovic. When it comes to daily skincare, she recommends extending your coverage by using antioxidant mineral skincare with SPF15, and reapplying throughout the day. Top antioxidants to look out for include turmeric, acai and cocoa. (Yum.)