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Introducing Ilsci

Ilcsi (pronounced ‘il-chi’) believes that solutions can be found in nature for almost any skin problem including the visible signs of skin ageing, sun damage and acne-prone skin, as well as loss of vitality, tone and radiance.  

Founded in Hungary in 1958, the Ilcsi organic skincare range has been formulated, developed and nurtured to provide proactive and natural beauty solutions, helping to promote clear, balanced, revitalised and naturally glowing complexions around the world.  

Ilcsi respects all living things. There is no animal testing, nor do products contain animal or synthetic matter, colouring agents or paints. 


Ilcsi is nature’s cosmeceutical.  It presents one of the greatest opportunities to obtain serious cosmeceutical skincare results through the use of a natural-based product. 

The range includes professional luxury treatments as well as home care for clients wishing to amplify their treatment results and target a wide variety of skin problems. A professional consultation with an Ilcsi trained skincare professional is highly recommended to determine your individual needs and the most appropriate solutions to obtain the best skincare outcome. 


  • llcsi Mineral Cleansing Concentrate 50mL

    $60.00 inc GST

    Black Soap for most skins

    Linseed oil – nourishing ,restores the barrier function
    Ichtammol- purifying , Deep cleansing
    Exfoliating, calming
    Vegetable glycerin- nourishing and
    Tocopherol- Vitamin E – Anti oxidant
    Lavender oil – calming and soothing

    • Recommended for all skins and problematic skins.
    • Avoid Eye area

    Use AM and PM. Brush lather with water
    rinse off.

  • llcsi AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment (Biological Peeling Mask) 50mL

    $54.00 inc GST

    Apple- Exfoliating and antioxidant
    Naseberry- Anti oxidant high in Vitamins and minerals
    Grape- calming and soothing Antioxidant
    Lactic acid- exfoliating and hydrating
    Vegetable glycerin- Moisturising
    Natural flavonoids – Antioxidants
    Essential oils- fragrance
    Tocopherol- Antioxdant

    Apply a medium layer to cleansed skin,apply Paprika Herbal Treatment allow to dry for 20 min and peel rinse off. Use 1x week.

  • llcsi Anti-ageing & Hyaluron Eye Contour Cream 30mL

    $69.00 inc GST

    yucca- nourshing and remineralising
    horsetail-Anti Ageing and calming
    mallow- Anti Ageing

    Apply a small amount of eye contour cream around eye with gentle tapping motion.am and pm

  • llcsi Anti-ageing & Hyaluron Moisturizer 50mL

    $65.00 inc GST

    Horsetail- anti aging and calming
    Yucca- nourshing and remineralising
    Mallow- Anti Ageing
    Gnkgo- hydrating and anti ageing
    Calendula- soothing and healing
    Corn oil-moisurising , nourishing
    Sodium hyaluronate- Hydrating
    aAgae- anti aging
    tocopherol -Vitamin E antioxidant

    Apply a thin layer over the face and neck Use AM and PM

  • llcsi Harmonizing Spirulina Green Mask 80gms

    $54.00 inc GST

    Algae – draws impurities , healing ,anti redness
    Spirulina micro-algae – anti ageing, hydrating , remineralising
    Zinc- healing

    Place 6gms of mask to 30ml water into bowl mix and apply with a spatula. leave on for 10 -15 min and peel off.

  • llcsi Paprika Herbal Treatment 50mL

    $54.00 inc GST

    Do not use if you have a histamine sensitivity
    Hot paprika- stimulates micro circulation
    St. John?s wort- healing ,calming and nourishing
    Sage- Anti ageing and antioxidant
    Walnut leaf- calming and soothing
    Horsetail- calming and soothing
    Mallow- Anti Ageing
    Honey- humectant /Hydrating
    Vegetable glycerin- Hydrating
    Natural flavonoid- Anti Oxidant

    Apply the Paprika Herbal Treatment evenly on the face in a thin layer. Allow to dry and after 20min peel off.the simulation causes a tingling and burning sensation until the mask dries. Note this is not an allergic reaction. See AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment kit

  • llcsi Probiotic Cream Treatment 50mL

    $54.00 inc GST

    Grapeseed oil- moisturising antioxidant , Skin protective barrier layer
    Shea Butter- moisturising , nourishing and repairing
    probiotics- reduces redness, calming and balancing
    Elderflower- anti ageing
    Blackberry- Anti ageing antioxidant
    Marine algae- antioxidant, antiageing
    Resveratrol- helps with lines and wrinkles

    After exfoliating ,apply mask liberally , in an even layer around the eyes face and neck.leave on for 20 min Remove with warm cloth or cotton disks1-2x a week

  • llcsi Probiotic Moisturizer 50mL

    $65.00 inc GST

    Its probiotic ingredient supports the quality of the skin renewal process. It is a key component of the barrier function of healthy skin. Its precious oils (elderflower,
    blackberry, marine algae) regenerate, revitalize skin. Its regular use firms skin and helps to decrease the signs of ageing and the formation of wrinkles.

    • For skin suffering from increased irregularity of the sebaceous gland. For acne developed as a result of hormonal changes, eating habits or the malfunction of internal body organs.

    Wipe the face with toner, apply 1 or 2 pumps of serum. Use morning and evening. If necessary, follow with a moisturizer suitable for the skin type. In summer, the serum by itself can be sufficient to nourish skin.

  • llcsi Probiotic Serum 30mL

    $69.00 inc GST

    Its probiotic ingredient improves the quality of the skin renewal process and it is a key component of the barrier function of healthy skin. The regular use of the serum controls the production of the sebaceous gland, reduces
    oily symptoms, hydrates, smooths and mattifies skin.

    Wipe the face with toner,apply 1-2 pumps of serum.Use am and pm.if necessary follow with a moisturiser suitable for the skin type.

  • llcsi Rose Hip & Maize Exfoliating Mask 50mL

    $54.00 inc GST

    Rose hip-essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 ? which help repair and regenerates and anti ageing
    Cornmeal – exfoliating
    Corn oil – moisturising and nourishing
    Zinc oxide – healing
    Zinc sulphate – calming
    Honey -hydrating / humectant
    Vegetable glycerin – hydrating/humectant
    Lactic acid – exfoliating
    Tocopherol – vitamin E anti oxidant
    Natural essential oils – fragrance

    once a week, apply a thin layer over a cleansed face and allow to dry, Rub off using circular movements.

  • llcsi Rose Hip Serum 30mL

    $69.00 inc GST

    Rose Hip – Soothing and calming
    Tocopherol- Antioxidant
    Natural Flavonoids- Antioxidant
    Ascorbyl Phosphate- Vitamin C

    Apply Serum under your day and night moisturiser or use instead of a moisturiser in summer

  • llcsi Rose Petal Cleanser 200mL

    $49.00 inc GST

    Next generation pore cleansing and refining nose strips with skin soothing ingredients.