Beauticate Travel Beauty Tips

The BEAUTICATE Team gives their travel beauty tips. Style Editor, Kirsten Rawson’s first port of call is a trip to The Beauty Scene for some skin needling, an Omnilux treatment and a faux tan to be Bali ready. Read all full story here.

To get your skin travel-ready we recommend large amounts of water before, during and after your flight. Pre-travel skin treatments to consider include a facial peel or an intensive facial to get skin as hydrated as possible before your dehydrating flight. A faux tan is also a clever way of helping you avoid sitting out in the sun to get “some colour” when faced with the enviable bronzed beauties swanning around at holiday destinations. Stay under the umbrella and keep your skin safe with lashings of sunscreen.

These HydroPeptide products make great travel companions. The Tinted Face Guard is a wonder product and doubles as a foundation for when you don’t feel like putting on a full face – which should be most of the time.

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